If you’re interested in what’s on my Etsy shop, you can find it here:

I often work on a commission basis, but I do have a small amount of rolling stock which I’ll post here as and when I complete.

Already-made sculptures follows these rough guidelines (not including p&p):

Small sculpture: £50+

Medium sculpture: £100+

Large sculpture: £200+

Gallery pieces are those I make specifically to showcase, but occasionally they will be for sale at £1500+.

Commissions are priced differently as they are individual pieces of work made to a client’s specification, and I take great care and a lot of time to get these right.

Small commission: £120+ (£50 deposit and £70 on completion)

Large commission: £250+ (£50 deposit, then either £200 on completion or two monthly instalments of £100)

I want art I make to be democratic in its construction and availability, so I’m open to working with all sorts of people on all sorts of budgets.