W.I.P. (The greatest yet)

I’m very excited about this piece in progress: it’s the largest one I’ve built, and, you see, I want to build giants. I want to build huge monuments to the existence and wonder of fat people. I want every roll and crevasse to be a landscape of unparalleled beauty.

Sounds pretty grand, but this is the start of that. It fills me with SUCH joy to be able to say it: this is the beginning, this is it, this is the moment I allow my dreams to explode into reality. In the future I’ll look back and this piece will still only be a maquette for my giant works, but this is the beginning of building big!


I usually start my pieces with a pinch pot for the body, like an upturned flowerpot, and build out from there. But for this piece I used small slabs to slowly construct the torso (waiting for it toΒ dry and strengthen in between each stage), and I’ll carry on this way for all the appendages so that I get used to this method.

I think she’ll be sitting on a ledge with her legs dangling down, but we’ll see what works out.

Follow my progress more closely via instagram @chrissybrownsculpture πŸ™‚


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