Welcome to Me


Welcome to my blog and online gallery. I’m so glad you made it.

I’ve compulsively made art my whole life – these days I see my need to create sort of as a side effect of being alive in a world full of wonder and atrocity.

For most of my life I have existed in/with a body that marks me out as unacceptable. My fatness makes me a target for bullies and ‘concern trolls’ alike. I’m not welcome in many, many spaces – either explicitly Β (“no fat chicks”) or implicitly (“oh no we don’t carry that size!”).

Sculpture is the creation of a presence which I often feel I lack. It is my way of colonising the world outside my own body. Of building into existence a space where people with “othered” bodies can see themselves and be welcome. I think of a growing network of inclusivity and acceptance and celebration – a hive, with my sculptures as the markers, the milestones, and the connectors.

There are so many reasons for a body to be considered unworthy of acceptance – not a single one is true. You deserve respect for your autonomy. Your body, no matter the shape/ size/ colour/ ability, is an extraordinary thing that allows you to exist. I want to help you see yourself in the world. I want to make the world see you.

My art will be political, my feminism intersectional, my hope unyielding. There is room for everyone in this world. There has to be.


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